Thank you for your participation in the Utah Asian Festival. The festival is dedicated to the Asian communities in  Utah and is intended to provide a means of expressing, promoting and preserving our unique and valuable customs, traditions, and heritage.  In order to ensure that the Festival is a positive and meaningful experience for all involved, we appreciate any generous supports. Please review carefully our Levels of Sponsors before you fill out the form. Please Contact Us should you have any questions regarding sponsorship.

  • Gold $5,000+: Main Stage sponsor featuring 24 performer groups from 10 countries, vinyl banner on center stage and on-stage Sponsor remarks, Festival sponsor booth, 20x10 or 10x10, print advertisement, newspaper, posters, postcards, program and website and eight (8) complimentary meal certificates.
  • Silver $3,000+: Martial Arts stage sponsor featuring Tai Chi Master and martial performances, vinyl banner and on-stage Sponsor remarls, 10x10 Festival sponsor booth, print advertisement, newspaper, posters, postcards, program and website and six (6) complimentary meal certificates.
  • Bronze $1,500+: Gigantic station for all ages, vinyl banner, 10x10 Festival sponsor booth, logo recognition on posters, postcards, and website, on-stage Sponsor remarks, vinyl banner on stage, and four (4) complimentary meal certificates.
  • Copper $750+: 10'x10' Festival sponsor booth, Type recognition on website, program, and two (2) complimentary meal certificates.
  • In-kind contribution: Type recognition on program. Please consider contributions to the gift baskets/opportunity drawings.

 Mountain America Expo Center

9575 South State Street

Sandy, UT 84070

Saturday, June 16, 2018
10 AM - 7 PM


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