A Temporary Event Permit must be obtained for all temporary event food service that is offered to the public in Salt Lake County. Where any advertising or inducement exists for the community to attend, regardless of the cost to the individual, an event will be considered "public".


All food service vendors must obtain a Temporary Event Permit from the Salt Lake Valley Health Department. These include existing restaurants, fast-food operations, caterers, churches, community or school organizations, volunteer and social groups. Each vendor is responsible for obtaining their own permit.


This permit is independent of any other permits or lisences and is issued to a specified individual or organization for a single event.

Unless an extended permit is obtained, you must reapply for each additional event during the year. This permit is not intended to replace the proper licensing and permitting for permanent food establishments.


Before applying for a permit, please decide on the following:

  • The complete menu including beverages.
  • The booth structure (whether provided by the event sponsor, or the vendor).
  • The equipment that will be required, including a hand washing station.
  • Methods to maintain hot and cold product temperatures.
  • How all foods will be transported and stored.
  • Where and how clean-up of equipment will be done.
  • Who will be in charge of the booth (must have a Food Handler Permit).

No food for the public may be prepared or stored in a private residence. However, the use of a SLVHD approved restaurant, school, civic center, church kitchen, etc., for food preparation or storage is acceptable with a letter of permission.

Food-service vehicles, including rental beverage trailers (such as those from Coke/Pepsi), must meet health standards for temporary event operations.

Temporary Event food booths are inspected by the SLVHD. All violations must be corrected and un-permitted booths or unsafe food practices will result in food removal or booth closure.

The permit is issued "in-person" only, so you will have the opportunity to discuss any questions. The person in charge must demonstrate adequate knowledge of food safety and sanitation practices in order to be receive a Temporary Permit. If spoken or written English presents a communication problem, please feel free to bring a translator to any SLVHD meetings or inspections.

At temporary events at least one food service worker must have a Food Handler Permit. This is advised for all supervisory personnel.

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