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The Asian Festival began in 1977 when an influx of Southeast Asian refugees began settling in Utah. The festival was to introduce the majority population to these new minority groups. The Chinese, Japanese and Korean communities pooled their resources together for this historic event. It was the first time that these groups with different backgrounds, cultures and interest had joined together for anything! Since that first festival, the annual pageant has offered a consistent performing stage for up to 15 different Asian and Pacific Islander communities. In each case, we have first generation leaders teaching second, third and fourth generations dance, music, crafts, cooking and ethnic skills. The Asian Festival also offers the community a chance to view other cultures in a fun and colorful setting and it offers children of various cultures to see others like them participating in activities of their heritage. For the past seven years, admission to the festival has been free! This is in large part to the generous grants from Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts, Parks and The Utah Arts Council and our other sponsors who love the Utah Asian community.

2016 Utah Asian Festival Highlights


The festival is organized by mobilizing some 500 volunteers. Our volunteer force comes from ten ethnic communities. We are proud to have been the first multi-cultural festival in Utah. Some of the groups represented have included: Cambodia, China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, etc. The Bosnian and Somalian communities have also been invited to participate as the Utah Asian Festival sees these groups can benefit from the goals of the festival that is to share and preserve rich traditions of their heritage. Festival is attended by 60% Asian / Pacific Islander and 40% of other mixed ethnic groups.

Asian Pop Dance and Cosplay Parade


The goal of Utah Asian Festival is offering everyone a glimpse of Asia. We also are happy to provide a regular performing stage for the many groups, so that we may maintain the traditions across many generations. The goal is achieved when you see first generation teaching their children, grandchildren and great- grandchildren, folk dances, drumming patterns, costume making. We can see our elders demonstrating calligraphy and children taking a brush and taking pride in their strokes. The festivalís goal is also obvious when the cultures cross and people of many backgrounds share in the delight of banging a gong, tasting Kim Chee, smelling the different aromas and the fellowship. The childrenís activity center will have games, hands-on craft and art projects, an exhibit and literature competition celebrating Year of Dog. The Utah Asian Festival 2018 will take place on Saturday, June 16, 2018 in the Mountain America Exposition Center , 9575 S. State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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  It's FREE!! Everyone is welcome and FREE parking!
 Mountain America Expo Center

9575 South State Street

Sandy, UT 84070

Saturday, June 16, 2018
10 AM - 7 PM


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